Meet Ty Schmidt – Norte Youth Cycling Co-Founder and Creator of the 66-Day Champion

Last year’s Lids for Kids Traverse City event was memorable for the beautiful weather. Because of the sunny skies, over 500 Traverse City kids were properly fit and given free bike helmets with hopes of making biking safer. A properly fitting bike helmet reduces the risk of brain-related injuries by up to 85%! Sinas Dramis Law Firm co-sponsors Lids for Kids Traverse City with Brain Injury Association of Michigan and AGEVIX Professional Network. The community sponsors for the event include Traverse City Area Public Schools, McLain Cycle & Fitness, Grand Traverse Women Magazine, Grand Traverse Construction, WTCM NewsTalk 580, and Norte Youth Cycling. We spoke with Ty Schmidt, co-founder of Norte, in preparation for the upcoming event.


About Norte Youth Cycling

Norte Youth Cycling supports youth activity year-round, hoping to encourage kids to pioneer the next generation to become physically active. Norte believes that starting children as young as possible establishes healthy habits early on. However, Norte believes biking is more than just a physical activity. The small town of Traverse City used to have a heavily populated cycling community, which has diminished over the years. Norte hopes to bring back the activity because it allows kids to have more freedom, opportunities, and independence. Furthermore, Norte prides itself on student involvement. The organization is not only youth-focused but youth-driven. Youth involved with Norte are able to commit to and volunteer with the community as well.

Norte Youth Cycling’s Mission Statement


Ty Schmidt, Creator of The 66-Day Biking Champion

Starting Habits Young – The 66-Day Champion

Norte is involved with Lids for Kids Traverse City each year. The bike helmet giveaway supports its mission of encouraging children to be active. Now, in preparation for the 4th annual bike helmet giveaway, Norte is proud to announce their new campaign – The 66-Day Champion. The 66-Day Champion is the collaborative result of inspiration from James Harrington of Life and Whim and execution by Norte.

Research shows that new habits are formed after 66 days, which is where Norte drew inspiration for the campaign. The campaign encourages Traverse City youth to start the challenge right after receiving a free bike helmet. The 66-Day Champion starts the same day as Lids for Kids Traverse City, May 11, and runs the length of the summer. After completion of the 66 days, children receive certificates of accomplishment for the healthy habit they’ve created based on an honor system. Norte will also be providing the biking obstacle course as they do each year at Lids for Kids Traverse City.


We look forward to another successful and fun Lids for Kids Traverse City event on May 11th at F & M Park.


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