Grand Rapids Lids for Kids Event 2022

Grand Rapids Bike Helmet Giveaway Fits 606 Kids with Helmets

Rounding out Lids for Kids 2022, we’re excited to announce that 606 kids from the Grand Rapids area were properly fitted and received bike helmets at this year’s event! In addition, 24 kids also won a bike or scooter in our annual raffle. Additionally, kids who attended got to attend booths hosted by Fox 17 News, Grand Rapids Police Department, Brain Injury Association of Michigan, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Go-Go Squeeze, Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association, and the Grand Rapids Public Schools. The event was also made special by the appearance of Wanda and Miles Morales from the Cosplay Crusaders. Despite a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 Lids for Kids Grand Rapids bike helmet giveaway was one of the most successful in event history.

Grand Rapids Lids for Kids Sponsors – Thank you

Sinas Dramis Law Firm would like to thank our co-sponsor of the event Brain Injury Association of Michigan. Additionally, the firm would send a sincere thank you to event partners Grand Rapids Public Schools, FOX 17, Grand Rapids Fire Department, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association,  GoGo Squeez, Applied Imaging, and Office of Special Events City of Grand Rapids the local partners of the event. We also want to thank everyone who donated a bike, allowing us to give away 24 in total, including Kalea Morrison and Chaz King with Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial, Attorney Jon Homa, Earl McFadden, and the generous staff at our firm. 

Looking to Lids for Kids 2023

Every year it seems like Lids for Kids continues to grow, and it brings us so much joy to know that between the Lansing and Grand Rapids bike helmet giveaway, more than 1,000 kids now have a helmet to keep them safe while riding a bike. We know that helmets are the best way to prevent injury in the event of a bike crash, and it’s very important to ensure that the helmet is not only in working condition, but that it fits the head properly. We want to thank both the Mid-Michigan and West Michigan communities for coming out and helping us highlight the importance of helmet use and brain injury awareness.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year, and remember when you’re riding this summer, wear those helmets!

Grand Rapids Event Photos – View Full Event Photo Archive

Grand Rapids Lids for Kids Event 2022Grand Rapids Lids for Kids Event 2022Grand Rapids Lids for Kids Event 2022Grand Rapids Lids for Kids Event 2022

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